If you think you would like to join the team please contact Heidi.

Do you love charity work? Can you offer some of your time? In order to help more cats we are looking for more people to join our growing team and also take the pressure off.

Fundraising organisers, sellers (both online and for table top sales), fosterers, home checkers, transport. The New Moon Rescue -TNR always tries to help cats in urgent need especially abandoned/stray and feral/colony cats.
If you can offer any time, please email: thenewmoonrescue@hotmail.com (also our PayPal address 😉)

If anyone has any suitable prizes for a raffle, bric-a-brac they can donate or can make things like blankets, jam etc. Please also email.

Happy to take unwanted dog cages, cat food, toys, beds, scratch posts, carriers etc.

Thank you!