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If you are interested in adopting please fill in the short Adoption Enquiry Form  and someone will contact you shortly.  All adoptions are subject to a homecheck and a donation of £80 per cat/kitten. The donations enable us to continue to help other cats. (UK registered charity no. 1180018).
All our cats & kittens OVER 4 months old will be neutered and microchipped before
re- homing. 

Thanks for looking!

Updated 20/01/2020:

Crunchie Reserved
Here’s what Cruchie’s fosterer has to say about her:
“As Crunchie’s foster mother I can add that although she is not a lap cat nor does she do head bumps … this isn’t to say that without time and gaining trust she won’t be. She loves nothing more than to literally flop her whole body down ready for a belly stroke when she’s pleased to see you, at which point she stretches out to full capacity and rubs her ear with her front paw. She’s not shown any signs of wanting to go out however this isn’t to say that she won’t – let’s face it the weather has been so rotten I’d stay in all the time if I could – she is very low maintenance – has her meals twice a day, goes to her sleep spot – May want to play after meal times …. comes to life at night but is quite happy to settle on the end of the bed at night 😻
She is the friendliest kitty!! Doesn’t shy away from strangers and will come into a crowded room for a sniff and to beg a stroke xx a house with older children would be ok I think as long as they know and respect the fact that she’s not used to being picked up just yet so not to force it 😻 xx”

Milky Reserved

Olaf Reserved

Sex: Male
Age: 14
Temperament: Friendly and confident
History: Sadly Smudge’s human passed away suddenly.
Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinated: No
Home type needed: He will need a garden to explore.
Update 18/12/19: Blood tests have shown that Smudge has hyperthyroidism and will need to be on medication for the rest of his life which will probably cost around £40 a month. He is currently in a foster home and we are looking for a very understanding person to adopt him.

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Astra Reserved 

Wayne Reserved 


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