How staying safe can save more than just your life but can also benefit animals and charity.

In times such as these it can seem as though things like masks are just an ordinary part of life now. You grab your mask, your keys, wallet and phone and you’re ready to head out of the door. But have you ever considered that your paper non-reusable mask could be replaced with something that would both keep you and others safe but also benefit animals too?

I should probably provide a bit of backstory here. Around this time last year, I engaged with a local animal charity via Facebook called ‘The New Moon Rescue’ run by a local woman called Heidi and a crack team of volunteers. They are a home-based rescue for local cats and kittens that go out of their way to show animals kindness, rehome them and generally help animals in need any way they can.

This poor little guy called Hovis had come to be rescued by New Moon. He was worryingly thin and had certainly been in the wars and been a stray for a long time. He was thought to be quite old, has no teeth and is missing part of his ears also as well as being FIV positive (Feline immunodeficiency virus).

I became very invested in the wellbeing of this little guy and my partner and I immediately sent them a donation towards his care which was all well and good but I couldn’t help but think ‘there must be more I can do for this poor little guy’.

Soon after this I discovered that Hovis was looking for another fosterer and immediately realised this was something I wanted to do. So I once again contacted New Moon and within 48 hours we had a home visit from a local volunteer who went through the process with us and who checked that we were suitable people to look after a cat like Hovis. Thankfully we passed the home visit and by the Wednesday of that week we had arranged with the current fosterer to go and pick up this poor little cat.

Upon arriving at a wonderful lady’s house we were greeted by a sweet little meow and something furry rubbing up against our legs, Mr. Hovis. Looking a thousand times healthier. After a short while of letting him get to know us we helped get him into the cat carrier and off we went home with our newest addition. Shortly after having him at home he became more and more comfortable with us and now is a fully-fledged member of the family, we officially adopted him around a month later. He sleeps next to us each night, cuddles up to us on the sofa and is a constant source of great comfort and happiness to both me and my partner. Without the work of New Moon this little guy would probably have died on the streets and would have never had a chance at a new life or a forever home.

Now obviously adopting a poor abandoned or feral cat isn’t necessarily an option for everyone. But there are still things that people can do which not only benefit themselves but also a charity such as this one. Something as simple as purchasing a mask from New Moon will help you to help the charity a lot. They aren’t expensive, they are pretty cool looking and all profits go to helping New Moon care for a cat like Hovis and many others. Though Hovis now has a forever home, cats like him are abandoned every day, increasingly so during these hard times following lockdown and Coronavirus. Though other shelters and animal rescue organisations closed their doors during lockdown and stopped doing their important work, New Moon never stopped working with cats like this. They continue to risk their own safety for the sake of these animals even though they are all unpaid volunteers. Now as anyone who owns a pet knows, vets bills can be astronomical and although not everyone is in a position to donate to a charity such as this one, it’s safe to say that everyone at the moment who uses public transport or who goes into a shop needs a mask. So why not buy one through these guys, benefit yourself, save an animal and help a charity out all in one go?

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