Fang’s journey….

Update 12/5/19:
Waiting patiently for a late night rescue to arrive….


Update 9/5/19:
Fang decided to poop twice in the vets but was quickly forgiven as he’s such an old charmer! He’s been given meds to help his tummy settle and 2 more weeks of antibiotics as his gums are still red.

Update 1/5/19:
Unfortunately Fang has a little bit of an upset tummy so wasn’t able  to start his vaccinations just yet. He is doing very well though and loves a fuss.


Update 29/4/19:

Fang is doing really well. We think he’s a very old gentleman due to his slow movements and sleeping habits. He’s got his first check up tomorrow at Anwell Vets and will hopefully be starting his first vaccinations.

Already showing he’s a ridiculously friendly chap and really would love a nice home maybe with a retired person who can give him the love he has missed out on, probably for many years. His bright green eyes and big ears make him hard to resist don’t you think?

A long term fosterer would also be considered which means the charity would cover his food, litter and any vet bills. His welfare is our priority as is any New Moon cat. He will have cost us over £600 soon but he’s really worth it 🙂


Update 27/4/19:
No growling today! He’s very sweet but has had a very hard life until now. Using his litter tray well unless you move it without telling him !

Update 26/4/19:
Fang has had his op and tests. FIV, FLV negative. Thyroid, liver, kidneys, heart fine. Slight anaemia but should be OK after the fleas have gone.

6 teeth extracted but would have been more if they hadn’t already been missing.

He will be with us for at least 10 days before looking for a very special home.

Fang is a great old and battered cat, a real survivor. At least 10 years old but age is hard to estimate with long time strays.


Day 1: 25/4/19
7.30am today we got a call from a very kind lady who had caught a stray cat. He’s thought to have been hanging around for at least 6 months but recently she noticed weight loss and a tooth sticking out.
After checking with neighbours and local sites unfortunately no owner came forward.

We have nicknamed him Fang (sorry couldn’t resist it) now at Anwell vets to get the full treatment. Flea, worming, bloods, dental, neutering and later chip and vaccinations. He’s thin, friendly but clearly in pain.


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