Welcome to The New Moon Rescue – TNR

The New Moon Rescue -TNR is a UK registered charity (1180018). It’s purpose is to rescue stray and colony cats. All are chip checked and when possible returned to owners, when not, they are rehomed after neutering and microchipping.
Based in Coulsdon but covers Surrey, Middlesex and Kent.

We have a strict no kill policy and are happy to work with other like-minded rescues to help these often overlooked cats.

Saving cats by working together.

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Another happy ending, for Mr T: Tesco’s journey since he was found and until he found his forever home! Love this boy and its clear he has restored faith in people once more!


A happy ending: 12th September we got a call asking to take a pair of kittens found in a garden. Very frightened and needed socialising so straight to fosterer Lisa. She managed to tame them after a lot of patience and a few bites and scratches. Ok maybe a lot…🙈 Last month they were offered a home with an amazing lady in her country house full of animals. Look at the change in them. Charlie and Chloe are completely at home. They could have ended up another pair of feral cats in a colony but they now know to trust and be safe.